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Priced Out of Nature: The High Cost of a National Park Vacation

Priced Out of Nature: The High Cost of a National Park Vacation

(Originally published September 21, 2016; last updated April 12, 2018)

“$30 park fee?” That’s what my wife said after reading an article in our local newspaper about what it costs to “get in the door” at Grand Canyon National Park.

(Grand Canyon National Park Flickr Photo)

That sounded high to me, so I checked the park’s Website.

Yep, it’s $30 for a 7-day pass for a single non-commercial vehicle and its passengers.

Only staying part of one day? Just doing a “drive-thru”? It’s still $30.

Come on a motorcycle and you’ll save $5. Come on foot and keep $15 in your wallet.

Still, it seems like a grandiose fee to see that grand view.

But what about the other national parks? What are the entry fees there?

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Visiting U.S. National Parks in 2016

Visiting U.S. National Parks in 2016

I haven’t got a national park “life list” where I’ve ticked off every one of the country’s national parks, monuments and seashores I’ve visited, although if I did, I’d soon be adding one more to it: Acadia National Park in coastal Maine.

(Kim Carpenter Flickr Photo)

2016 is the centennial of the U.S. National Park service, so interest in visiting America’s national parks this summer and fall is undoubtedly running even higher than its already high level.

So I decided to put together a recap of past and recent stories that I’ve written about “America’s Best Idea.”

Here it is.

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