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Go Climb A Rock: In Yosemite

Go Climb A Rock: In Yosemite

Back in November of 1970, living on an Air Force Base in central Indiana that was flat earth surrounded by cornfields, I watched on TV as two men did something that had never been accomplished before: They scaled the sheer rock face of El Capitan’s “Wall of Early Morning Light” in Yosemite National Park.

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I’d been to Yosemite twice in 1968, seen El Capitan, and had a strong sense of what effort it had taken to make that ascent.

El Cap 2

But last month, nearly 45 years after Warren Harding and Dean Caldwell made their historic climb, two of the newer generation of Yosemite “mountain men” did something even more unbelievable: They went up El Capitan, from top to bottom, free-climbing.

What makes people engage such death-defying endeavors?

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