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A New Way Tip Your Uber Driver

A New Way Tip Your Uber Driver

Four years ago, when I wrote about the ride sharing service, Uber, which lets you summon a car and driver using a smartphone app, I said:

 “If you requested a taxi, Uber will add a 20% tip to the metered fare. No tip is charged if you ride in a Black Car, UBERx, or SUV.”

My assumption at the time was that the driver’s tip was conveniently included in Uber’s charge to me.

That meant, that unlike a ride in a conventional taxi (not hailed by using the Uber app on my phone), I wouldn’t have to dig out my wallet to find a credit card or, more importantly, cash to pay Uber for the ride and tip the driver.

It turns out that my assumption about tipping was wrong, although what Uber apparently was telling both riders and drivers is that it was paying drivers well enough that tipping would be not required or expected.

Once riders discovered that tips weren’t included in the amount Uber charged via its smartphone app, at least some of them tipped drivers in cash, as I did last month when I caught a ride from a Phoenix restaurant back to my hotel. It was hardly convenient for me to do so, and a bit puzzling since I could add tips to payments made using smartphone apps at Starbucks and my barber, and at least some eateries and retail outlets.

But all that will become history as Uber rolls out a new version of its app.

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