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Travel Photo Thursday: To Be or Not to Be (Shooting Color)?

Travel Photo Thursday: To Be or Not to Be (Shooting Color)?

“To be or not to be shooting color”?

Kodachrome BoxThat’s the question Hamlet would have asked if he had been a real person and not merely a character in a Shakespeare play, and if he would have lived in the Age of Photography.

Famed photographer Ansel Adams is noted for his stunning black and white landscape photos taken in places like Yosemite National Park. But he, too, shot in color, although he apparently never decided if that medium ought to transcend black and white.

Twenty or more years ago, we amateur photographers normally owned by a single camera,Kodak B and W Film and had to decide whether to load it with either color or black and white film. But today, nearly all of us tote digital cameras along with us when we go on vacation and can have the best of both worlds of photography.

So we don’t face the same dilemma that Adams or—hypothetically—Hamlet would have confronted. But we must determine whether a photo would be a more compelling image in black and white rather than color.

Here are six photos, each in both a color and black and white version. Decide which you like best, and then leave your comments at the end of this post.

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