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Three Days Loving Long Beach

Three Days Loving Long Beach

(Story originally published November 18, 2014; updated September 2, 2020)

Southern California isn’t my favorite region of my adopted home state.

But after a trip there earlier this year, I’m loving Long Beach.

It’s a bit like Hawaii, Venice (Italy) and San Diego (one part of So Cal that I also fancy) rolled up into one easy to reach destination.

And it’s so not L.A.!

Here’s a plan for a “three night stand”  that will let you savor the flavor of  Long Beach enough to leave you almost sated, but hungry to come back again.

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Living It Up in Lively London

Living It Up in Lively London

As this hyperlapse video shows, London is a vibrant city.

Of course, in “real time,” the pace in the United Kingdom’s capital city is just a wee bit more sedate.

If your timing is right, you can be “Queen For A Day” and go on a “Royal Day Out.”

# 5 – Throne Room, Buckingham Palace (Derry Moore Photo)

And you can “shop until you drop” there.

And, as we explained last year in a series of stories about travel to Europe, London is a great place to begin a trip to that part of the world.

(London was the starting and ending points for two month-long trips across Europe by Tales Told From The Road editor, Dick Jordan.)