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Travel Photo Thursday: Lassen, A Hidden Gem of a Park

Travel Photo Thursday: Lassen, A Hidden Gem of a Park

While growing up in Seattle, I made my first visit to a national park: Mount Rainier.

Mt Rainier
(Jeff Flickr Photo)

In winter, we’d go sledding by the Paradise Inn.

During one summer after college was out for the year, I climbed part way up the mountain from Paradise with a fraternity brother and we skied back down to the Inn. I wore shorts, and ended up with a snow-reflected sunburn so bad that for years you could see the “tan line” that marked the top of my ski boots.

Then I came to California and went off to my second national park, Yosemite.

Yosemite Valley

But the third such one that I visited, Lassen, remains my favorite of all of the national parks in the Western U.S. that I’ve been to over the last 40-odd years.

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Travel Photo Thursday: Yellow-Bellied Varmints

Travel Photo Thursday: Yellow-Bellied Varmints

“Go ahead, make my day.

“See what happens if you bite that radiator hose.

“Just try gnawing on my car’s wiring.

“Go ahead, make my day, you yellow-bellied varmint!”

Those lines could have been spoken by Clint Eastwood if he had starred in a movie filmed in a Western U.S national park, playing a character mashed up from his roles as the “Man with No Name” in “spaghetti Westerns” and as “Dirty” Harry Callahan, the San Francisco police inspector who frequently “blew away” crime suspects with a Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum revolver.

But In that situation, the “perp” Eastwood would have been taunting into squirrely behavior would have been a Yellow-Bellied Marmot, not a two-legged bad guy.

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