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Getting Up the Inside Passage to Southeast Alaska

Getting Up the Inside Passage to Southeast Alaska

I’m an independent traveler.

That means I roam from place to place, and book my lodging and transportation, on my own without paying a tour company to do that for me and without being accompanied by anyone other than my wife.

But sometimes working with a tour company to put a trip together makes sense, as:

  • When you will only be permitted to visit the place, such as the Galapagos Islands, on fully-guided tour.
  • When you will have a much richer experience traveling with guides who “know their stuff” than you would by simply relying on guidebooks as your source of information.
  • When planning a trip to a destination will be so logistically complicated that you’ll end up either not going or spending an inordinate amount of time in-transit rather than having fun with your “boots on the ground.”

Southeast Alaska (known simply as “Southeast” by its residents) falls into the latter category. You can get there and get around on your own, but figuring out how to do so won’t be easy.

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