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In Oregon: On the Trail of Ale

In Oregon: On the Trail of Ale

The first evening in our new hometown of Eugene, Oregon, my wife and I walked to a grocery store across the street from our temporary lodgings to purchase some take-out food for dinner.

While my wife searched in vain for an already-chilled bottle of white wine—that store provides a “quick-chilling” vat of liquid so customers can cool a bottle of wine to the temperature they desire rather than picking it out of a refrigeration case—she suddenly exclaimed “They must sell at least 500 different beers!”

(Pond Skipper Flickr Photo)

Welcome to Oregon, where “Beer” is one of the state’s unofficial “Four Food Groups,” along with “Coffee,” “Wine,” and “Everything Else.”

And while there are over five hundred wineries in the Willamette Valley, don’t ask me how many places make beer.

But there are “a lot,” or at least “plenty” to keep you tasting and drinking your life away, at least for a good while.

And an excellent way to find and drink beer is to take a trek, long or short, along the “Eugene Ale Trail.”

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