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Lassen: An Undiscovered National Park Gem

Lassen: An Undiscovered National Park Gem

Yellowstone gushing with geysers and populated by herds of bison.

Yosemite with waterfalls streaming over granite cliffs.

The Grand Canyon with its grand views across the Colorado Plateau.

These are the crown jewels of the National Park System in the Western United States.

I’ve been there, seen them.

But to me, lesser-known Lassen Volcanic National Park is an undiscovered national park gem.

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Travel Photo Thursday: “On Golden Pond” Sunset Shots

Travel Photo Thursday: “On Golden Pond” Sunset Shots


A late afternoon arrival at Manzanita Lake in Lassen Volcanic National Park left me just enough time to haul my gear from my car into the “camping cabin” I would spend the night in, and then take a brief stroll down to the lake, before sitting down to near at the picnic table outside of my cabin.

I was so focused on my meal—and on trying out the “Gourmet” food scene shooting mode on my new Sony RX-100 point-and-shoot camera—that I almost missed the sinking sun turn the lake into an “On Golden Pond” photo op.

I quickly dumped the chicken bones, paper plate and plastic fork into the trash, and ran down to the lake to shoot trees and ducks in silhouette as the sun turned from orange to red as it set beyond the western shore of the lake.

Here’s how the sunset aura over Manzanita Lake changed as dusk fell.

The skies continued to become a deeper red as the sun dipped behind the trees.

Shadows lengthened as nightfall came closer.

When the sun had gone to bed, only a faint reminder of it remained on the lake surface.

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Sneaking a Peek at Lassen Peak

Sneaking a Peek at Lassen Peak

Although at 10,457’ Lassen Peak is both the highest and most prominent feature in Lassen Volcanic National Park, getting a glimpse of it isn’t always that easy.

After viewing it from the shore of Manzanita Lake on the northwest corner of the park, there are only a few opportunities to see it while driving along the park’s through-road. And in the Warner Valley and other parts of the park’s southwest section—about two to three thousand feet below the trailhead to Lassen Peak—intervening ridges mostly block views of the mountain.


But here a few photos of the now-dormant volcano that I was able to take during my trip at the end of July.

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