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Tips for Traveling to Europe

Tips for Traveling to Europe

(Tales Told From The Road just completed a virtual month-long trip across Europe visiting France’s Alsace and Austria’s Tirol regions, and the cities of Berlin, Dresden and Munich in Germany, Prague in the Czech Republic, plus Amsterdam and London. Here are some tips for planning your next European journey.)

Here are some things to know before you go if you are an American tourist planning a trip to Europe this year:

Trip StuffPassports: Check the expiration date on your passport.  Some European countries will deny you entry unless your passport will be valid for 3-6 months after your scheduled date of return to the U.S. Others (like Turkey and Russia) require you to have a visa as well as a U.S. passport.

Renewing your passport is cheaper than getting a new one issued(More information).

Rail passes: Rail Europe is one of the largest sellers of European train rail passes and point-to-point train tickets.  You need to have your Rail Europe pass in hand before leaving home; you can’t buy one in Europe(More information).

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