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Photographing Coastal National Parks

Photographing Coastal National Parks

In June of this year, while touring New England, I plan to spend some time in a U.S. National Park that I’ve long known about, but never visited, let alone photographed: Acadia.

(Kim Carpenter Flickr Photo)

Located along Maine’s coast, the scenery should produce plenty of “photo ops.”

But although that coastline will be new to me, shooting photos in coast-side national parks is something I’ve been doing for over 40 years.

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Travel Photo Thursday: Favorite Shots

Travel Photo Thursday: Favorite Shots

Usually “Travel Photo Thursday” involves advice on how to get the best shot in some situation, or presents a photo essay, or commentary on photo gear.

But today I ask just this simple question? What’s your favorite shot out of photos that you’ve taken, either recently, or all-time?

Post your answer in a comment below and, if the photo is online, a link to it.

Here’s one of my favorites.

Inside Battery Townsley

This photo was taken five years ago while I was hiking with a group in the Marin Headlands section of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, just a hop, skip and a jump north across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. We paused to walk into Battery Townsley, a U.S. Army fortification with “two 16-inch caliber guns, each capable of shooting a 2,100 pound, armor-piercing projectile 25 miles out to sea.”

The photo was originally shot in color, then converted into black & white using Adobe Photoshop Elements.

What I like about this photo is the air of mystery. Who are these people, where are they, and what are they looking at? (As it turns out, they were looking for swallows nesting on the “ceiling” on the outer edge of the gun battery.)

(Click on an image to enlarge to full-size. Visit Budget Travelers Sandbox for more of this week’s Travel Photo Thursday shots.)

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