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Colmar: “Big City” Alsace

Colmar: “Big City” Alsace

(Join Tales Told From The Road as it continues its month-long virtual European journey.)

While yesterday’s stroll through the vineyards between Ribeauville and Hunawihr tempts us to take a jug of wine, a loaf of bread, and spend the day sitting a picnic table at the edge of those vineyards, as travelers we don’t live by bread, wine, or loafing alone, so instead, we’ll drive about ten miles and a half hour south to Colmar.

Colmar is the third largest city in France’s Alsace region, and while it has over ten times the population of little Ribeauville, with sometime less than 70,000 residents it is only a third the size of the Alsatian capital, Strasbourg.

Statue of Liberty
(Sue Waters Flickr Photo)

As we reach the northern end of Colmar, we’ll be greeted by a sight that many European immigrants to the United States saw on arrival in New York: The Statute of Liberty.

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Alsace: The Other Side of the River

Alsace: The Other Side of the River

(Tales Told From The Road continues its month-long virtual European journey.)

Although we had a lot of fun watching the cows come home yesterday at the Almabtrieb festival, it’s time for us to pack our bags, jump in our rental car, and move on to the next stop on the itinerary: Ribeauville in France’s Alsace region, just across the Rhine River from Germany.

 While Google Maps suggests that we go straight north on the A7 Autobahn to Stuttgart, then head west until we reaching France, and finally, drive south to Ribeauville. But we’re going to follow the suggestion of an American friend who lives in France and take a more scenic route, stopping for lunch at Lindau on the Bodensee (aka Lake Constance) on our way to Freiburg where we’ll cross the Rhine and enter France.

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Travel Photo Thursday: Signs of Kids at Play

Travel Photo Thursday: Signs of Kids at Play

Children should be seen and not heard” was something my mother would say to me when I was misbehaving as a child.

Playground Road Sign IMG_3959

Hopscotch IMG_3886When you’re traveling away from home it’s not unusual to encounter children playing.

But when I walked the streets of Ribeauville and Hunawirh in France’s Alsace during mid-week afternoons in September, I only found signs that kids might be nearby.

None were to be seen or even heard, all must have been still in school for the day.

But I came across one indicator that over the coming years, long after my brief visit had ended, many more children would be delivered to and noisily play out their early lives in those Alsatian towns.

Metal Stork IMG_3916

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