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Dealing with Airline “Bumping” and Flight Cancellations

Dealing with Airline “Bumping” and Flight Cancellations

(Koka Sexton Flickr Photo)

Unless you’ve been living on the dark side of the Moon recently, you have heard about the United Airlines passenger who was dragged off a Chicago-to-Louisville flight after he refused to give up his seat to a member of United’s affiliate, Republic Airlines, who needed to reach Louisville to be available to work on a flight out of that city the next day.

United announced that it is taking steps to reduce overbooking, and JetBlue and Southwest are planning to eventually eliminate the practice altogether.

But while the odds of you being “involuntarily bumped” off an over-booked flight are quite low, the chances of you ending up “grounded” because of a flight delay or cancellation are high enough that you should know what to do to prevent that from happening or if you find yourself stuck at your departure airport.

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