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Travel Photo Thursday: Keeping People in Focus

Travel Photo Thursday: Keeping People in Focus

In the last installment of “Travel Photo Thursday,” we learned some of the secrets of “street” photography by London-based pro, Antonio Olmos, including how to pre-set exposure on your camera so you’re also ready to capture the fleeting street scene before you.

While you can’t change the lighting of a scene after you shot it, as I explained in “Travel Photo Thursday: Making Pictures ‘Pop’ with Photoshop,” you can usually fiddle with contrast, highlights, shadows, and color saturation and produce a much more engaging image that the one that came out of your camera.

But even you are willing to spend the time and effort to “clean up” a poorly-shot photo by using an editing program like Adobe Photoshop or its “lighter” version, Photoshop Elements (which is one that I employ), there’s one aspect of an image that’s very difficult to adjust in “post-production” – focus.

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