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Visiting “Guidebook” Dresden

Visiting “Guidebook” Dresden

(Tales Told From The Road continues its month-long virtual European journey.)

Yesterday we stumbled upon some unexpected treasures while roaming about Dresden.

Today we’ll check out some of the “must-see” places highlighted in our guidebooks.

The first of these is right out the front door of our apartment in Old Town: The Frauenkirche.

The “Church of Our Lady” was heavily damaged by Allied bombers in February, 1945, but has now restored to its original exterior beauty and is open to the public.

Frauenkirche CollageUnlike many large churches and cathedrals in Europe, this church is not built in the traditional cross-like pattern. In fact, except for the altar, the entire space within the church sits beneath its lofty dome. And unlike most churches that have straight as an arrow pews on either side of a main aisle, the pews in Frauenkirche are curved to match the pattern of the dome above.

Although Catholicism was prominent in southern Germany and Austria, in Dresden we find a statute Protestant reformer, Martin Luther, in the plaza surrounding the Frauenkirke.

After spending a delightful half hour or so just sitting in the pews, we’ll light a candle in remembrance of those who died here in the Allied bombing of 1945, and head off to the Zwinger Palace.

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Hanging Out at Dresden’s Sunday Market

Hanging Out at Dresden’s Sunday Market

Waiting for The Prage to Berlin Train(Follow Tales Told From The Road on a month-long virtual European journey.)

After spending three nights and two full days in Prague, it’s time to leave the Czech Republic’s capital city behind and head north to Germany’s capital, Berlin.

Since the two cities are less than five hours from each other by rail, catching a late morning train after breakfasting in Prague and having lunch as you roll down the tracks will put you in Berlin by mid-afternoon.

But rather than high-balling it to the next major stop on our month-long journey, we’re going to make a two-night layover about half-way along the way at Dresden, the capital of German’s Saxony region.

We departed the U.S. on Monday, arrived in London on Tuesday morning, and after two-days and two nights there, flew to Prague for a three-night stay before setting out for Dresden on Sunday morning.

While our Rick Steves’ Germany guidebook  suggests that we could just hop off the Prague-Berlin train at Dresden, spend a couple hours or so seeing all that is worth seeing, and then re-board a Berlin train, we’re going to travel at a less frenetic pace and give Dresden a more in-depth look during two-nights, two half-days, and one full-day.

After arriving at a new destination and checking into your lodgings (in this case, an apartment in the Old Town section of Dresden), take a couple of hours to stroll around the part of town near you digs and you’re likely to serendipitously stumble upon something unexpected and delightful.

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Travel Photo Thursday: Souvenirs of Dresden

Travel Photo Thursday: Souvenirs of Dresden

I’m a lousy shopper.

I don’t troll the malls at home. And I rarely buy souvenirs, except ones I can wear (Hawaiian shirts in Hawaii, T-shirts everywhere) when I travel.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t look at souvenirs when I’m on the road.

Souvenir Shop
(Sali Sasaki Flickr Photo)

I just look at them through my camera’s lens instead of a buyer’s eyes.

Here are three “souvenir” shots taken in Dresden, Germany during my 2009 visit to that city.

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