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Use an iPhone to Scan Music CDs into Spotify

Use an iPhone to Scan Music CDs into Spotify

Don’t hum a few bars of a song and ask me its name and that of the artist that recorded it.

I like listening to music, now and again, but I’m not really “into it” as many of my friends have been over the years.

But like many Baby Boomers, I do have a pile of music CDs, a form of digital media that is finally going by the technology wayside after replacing the LPs and reel-to-real music tapes that I collected from the 1960s through the 1970s.

(Grace Kat Flickr Photo)
(Grace Kat Flickr Photo)

My aging automobiles both have CD players, so if I’m on a “road trip” I can put a few CDs in the glove compartment and sing along while I get my kicks on Route 66.

But these days I’m unlikely to find a CD player in a hotel or motel room, so I need another way to “tune into” my tunes when I’m not tooling down the highway.

I sometimes use the free version of the Pandora music service, but I’d rather listen to “my own” music wherever I am in the world.

I have an iMac desktop computer, an iPad and an iPhone, and have “ripped” some of my music CDs into a library of tracks and albums that I can share between those devices.

But that transfer process is a bit slow, and I haven’t even tried it with my new iMac desktop which lacks a built-in CD player.

So when I recently read about an iPhone app that lets you quickly “load” an album into the Spotify online music service by scanning the CD’s barcode, I decided to sign up for a free Spotify account.

Here’s how that scanning process works.

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