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Driving My Dream (Rental) Car

Driving My Dream (Rental) Car

I thought my first sports car, a 1956 Austin Healy 100, was going to be my “dream car.”

Auston Healy 100-4
(Matteo X Flickr Photo)

It turned out to a car owner’s Nightmare From Hell, falling apart, bit by bit, over the year that let it tormented me before I sold it off.

If I made a sharp right-hand turn, I had to reach out quickly, grab the driver’s side door and pull it shut before it was whacked off by a passing vehicle. It had no side windows, the dual carburetors never stayed in sync, and the transmission kept locking up.

My next car was a 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider. Its ebony body had sculptured into firm, flowing, sexy curves by Pininfarina. Its twin-camshaft engine purred. It had a strongly-build soft-top with real class roll-up side windows. It drove like a dream.

But like most sports cars of that era—British or Italian—it was temperamental, and spent a fair amount of its life with me in the repair shop. After three years, and just before embarking on a year and half overseas assignment in the Air Force that would require me to garage it at home, I reluctantly sold my Alfa.

But thirty years later, I had an opportunity to once again drive an Alfa, and in its country of birth, Italy, to boot.

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