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Did Trump Change How Americans Travel to Cuba?

Did Trump Change How Americans Travel to Cuba?

(Updated August 8, 2017, 12:30 p.m. PDT)

On Friday, June 16, 2017, Donald Trump made a major policy announcement that could markedly affect the ability of Americans to visit Cuba or do business there.

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Initially, Trump appeared set to totally scrap the steps President Obama took to discard over a half-century of failed “isolationist” policy toward Cuba and engage the Cuban people and government in a new era of mutually beneficial relations.

The Website, The Hill, said that the Trump administration had considered severing diplomatic ties to Cuba entirely, but backed away from such a drastic move in favor of a partial reverse of Obama’s policies since it would “be ‘less likely to elicit pushback’ from the business community and regional partners.”

NPR reported that two-thirds of Cuban Americans living in South Florida and that some members of Congress, including at least one Republican, were not in favor of Trump’s announced policy.

And in this Associated Press story, the Cuban government said that Trump’s new policy “would not achieve [its] objective of weakening the [Cuban] government.”

But what will Trump’s policy, if implemented, actually do and what effect will it have on both Cubans and Americans?

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Online Restaurant and Ride Booking: What’s It Worth?

Online Restaurant and Ride Booking: What’s It Worth?

Usually stories about technology run on Tales Told From The Road on Fridays, such as how to use an app, how to use a Website, how to use a piece of gear, or how to use technology for travel.

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But today’s piece offers something different: Commentary and what restaurant booking service, Open Table, and car service, Uber, are worth both to consumers and those who buy and own those services.

So it’s “Opinion,” not a “Tech Review,” and our “Editorial Calendar” says it should appear today, a Wednesday.

I can tell you what OpenTable and Uber are worth to me. And from that, you can extrapolate what they are worth to you and others.

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