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Dick Jordan “Spotlighted” by MarinTV

Dick Jordan “Spotlighted” by MarinTV

Public access television station MarinTV, operated by the Community Media Center of Marin in San Rafael, California, has placed Tales Told From The Road publisher, Dick Jordan, in the “Producer Spotlight” on its Website.

Jordan joined the non-profit Media Center in 2012. Including his 2016 feature-length documentary, Cuba, Libre?, and its trailer, he has produced twenty-one shows for the station since 2013. Many of those shows have aired on other public access television stations across the U.S.

The documentary aired on MarinTV in January, 2016, has had three public screenings in the San Francisco Bay Area, and four more are being scheduled during August through January, 2017.

Cuba, Libre? traces the history of travel to Cuba by Americans from the early decades of the 20th century to the present day.

It was shown at the Visual Radio Television Network Film Festival in Oakland, California on April 30, 2016 and is under consideration at several other U.S. film festivals that will take place later this year.

Travel Photo Thursday: Surviving Thanksgiving.

Travel Photo Thursday: Surviving Thanksgiving.

Sometimes just surviving the annual family Thanksgiving fete is a monumental feat in itself. Too much wine, too much food, too little Alka-Seltzer!

Ben Franklin is wrongly thought to have said that the humble turkey, not the regal bald eagle, should be our national bird. At least he didn’t want it to be the crow. Just think what a thankless Thanksgiving meal that ebony member of the avian family corvidae would have made, with or without its feathers intact after roasting.

This hen turkey photographed at the farmer’s market in Kelowna, British Columbia, might have thought that she was escaping a fate equal to death if she had flown north from the U.S. singing “O, Canada!

Turkey IMG_1390

But such a flight would have been one of where she was fancied for her flesh by the citizens of his adopted country. And she would have simply met her fate sooner, rather than later, since Canadians celebrate their Thanksgiving festival on the second Monday in October.

Happy Thanksgiving from Tales Told From The Road, wherever on earth you may be today!