9/11 Remembered: Italy Delayed

9/11 Remembered: Italy Delayed

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(On the 10th anniversary of 9/11, Tales Told From The Road ran stories from its readers and other sources about their experiences traveling in the days surrounding 9/11. Over the coming days we will re-run many of those stories to commemorate a day in the history of the United States and the world that will long be remembered.)

“9/11 Remembered: Italy Delayed” By Jackie Smith

We were booked to fly to Italy in early October, 2001, flight arranged and reservations made for a stay in the heart of Chianti country at Tenuta di Ricavo,  a once-small hamlet turned agriturismo destination.

Chianti Italy (Rick Cooper Photo)

As the airlines continued to ground flights for several days after 9/11, and more and more passengers were stranded around the globe, it occurred to us that travel any time in the subsequent weeks might be difficult.  So we reluctantly cancelled our plans to see grape harvest in Tuscany.

I might add it wasn’t because we were afraid of potential attacks—we actually thought there’d probably never be a safer time to fly.

Back then—hard as it is to believe now—rescheduling flights didn’t carry quite the financial penalties they do today and the Italians were most understanding of the cancellation.  No penalties, instead, sympathy offered for the attack on America.

We re-booked the trip for April 2002 and by doing so were able to experience springtime Tuscany, Easter Sunday in a small Tuscan village, and have a fantastic stay at the at the Tunuta di Ricavo.

Jackie Smith is former newspaper reporter-turned-public relations director who became a travel writer and travel blogger.

She and her husband, Joel, split their time between homes in Washington State and Greece.

Their travel blog is TravelnWrite. Her 9/11 story was first published by Tales Told From The Road on October 3, 2011.

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