Month: October 2017

Putting Your “Wine Country” Trip Back on the Front Burner

Putting Your “Wine Country” Trip Back on the Front Burner

(Updated November 5, 2017, 12:00 p.m. PST)

California’s “Wine Country” (Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino counties) near San Francisco has long been a “hot” tourist destination, especially at this time of year.

(FlippinYank Flickr Photo)

But last month it was “too hot to handle” for both visitors and locals as fires have burned across the region destroying wineries, vineyards, homes, and business with no end to the conflagrations in sight.

That’s why I had urged those who were planning a trip to the area to put their plans “on the back burner.” But the situation has now changed, and Travel+Leisure is recommending that its readers not cancel trips to the region.

As of October 31st all fires burning in Northern California “Wine Country” were reported as being contained. Air quality is now ” considered satisfactory, and air pollution poses little or no risk.” Cooler, more seasonable high temperatures in the low 60s, with a mix of sun, rain, and showers are forecast during the coming week. All roads that were closed in Sonoma and Napa Counties during the fires have no re-opened.

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Where in The World is “D.B. Cooper”?

Where in The World is “D.B. Cooper”?

A passenger tells a flight attendant that there’s a bomb aboard and it will be detonated unless his demands for $200,000 in cash and certain other items are met.

(Pexels Photo)

After the plane lands, the money and those items are handed over.

(Aero Icarus Flickr Photo)

All passengers and most of the crew are permitted to deplane.

Then the plane takes off, headed for a foreign destination.

At a refueling stop along the route, the passenger and the money are discovered to be missing.

How did they leave the plane during flight, and where are they to be found?

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