Getting the Most Out of Google Maps

Getting the Most Out of Google Maps

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Google-Maps-logo.jpgOn Tuesday one of my “directionally challenged” hiking buddies was well off-course driving to the trailhead. He was about to give up and head home, but decided to phone me for help instead.

While I verbally guided him on his way, it was the GPS function of his Android phone that made it easy for him to get from “A” to “B.”

Indeed, turn-by-turn navigation is one of the best features of modern smartphones.

I sometimes use the native “Maps” appthat came with my Apple iPhone, at other times I rely on the MapQuest app, but I also use the Google Maps app.

The Google Maps app was temporarily banished from the iPhone after Apple launched its own mapping app, but then like a child whose “sins” were forgiven by its “parent,” was invited to rejoin the family of Apple iOS apps, an event I wrote about in “Google Maps’ iPhone ‘Second Coming'” back in December of 2012.

Smartphone apps are often updated and I wrote further reviews of the Google Maps app when it was redone in 2013 and again in 2014.

If you use an app on a daily basis, you’ll likely know its features inside and out, and learn when changes are made to it.

But even then, it helps to take a “refresher course” now and again to make sure you’re getting the most out an app, and for me, that’s true with the Google Maps app.

So I was in luck today when David Pogue of Yahoo Tech posted this nifty video with his top tips (including one I’d never heard of) for using that app.

Read more about Pogue’s review of the Google Maps app in this online story which includes the video.

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