Fugu: The World’s Most Innovative Luggage?

Fugu: The World’s Most Innovative Luggage?

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SuitcasesThe operative syllable in “luggage” is “lug.”

Even if you travel “light” you’ve still got to lug at least some luggage with you.

And how do you stuff enough clothes and other stuff for a two-week or longer trip into an airline “carry-on” size bag that will actually fit into an overhead bin or under the seat in front of you on an airliner?

Use space saving clothing compression bags?

Take a single pair of clean underwear and socks and wash out the one’s you’ve got on in your hotel room’s sink each night?

Take a larger suitcase, check it, and pay the airline bag fees?

Here’s another choice: Buy Fufu luggage.

What the heck is “Fugu” luggage?

This video shows it “at work.”

 Fugu has apparently been a fully funded Kickstarter project. But as this Kickstarter update from a month ago shows, there are still a few technical problems to solve before these “pop-up” bags go into production and become available for purchase.

The company’s Facebook page says that its Website is live and you can place pre-orders for the suitcases which are currently priced from $225 to $399, discounted from $400-$600.

The Fugu Website FAQs state:

  • “Should all go according to plan, the suitcases should be ready for production by the end of summer 2015, and the preorders shipped before the product reaches stores.”
  • “The price on the website will rise as the production date approaches. Additionally, the selling price once FUGU LUGGAGE hits the market will be significantly higher than the current price on the website.”
  • “There is no fixed date as to when one can no longer pre-order FUGU LUGGAGE, so theoretically, prices could change at any time, depending on the number of preorders that we receive.”

So for the time being, you’ll have to use compression bags or just take one clean pair of underwear and socks if you want to “travel light” with a single carry-on bag.

(Purchases made from Amazon.com—which does not offer Fugu luggage for sale at this time—through links on this page helps Tales Told From The Road continue to bring you a wide range of travel-related stories.)

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