Deciding What “Tech” to Travel with in 2015

Deciding What “Tech” to Travel with in 2015

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On Wednesday, January 6th, the annual International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) kicks off a three-day stand in Las Vegas.

( Joseph Hunkins Flickr Photo)
( Joseph Hunkins Flickr Photo)

If may be a little late for you to book a flight or hotel room to join in with 150,000 of your “new best friends” to take in the Whiz-Bang display of “tech stuff you can’t live without,” but this promotional video for the event my prompt you to drive, fly, take the train or walk there as fast as you can.

Regardless of whether you attend this year’s CES or merely read reports from the technology journalists who do go, ask yourself this question: Do I really need any of these new toys?

There’s no question that the dizzying number of gadgets and gizmos that both businesses and consumers have been able to buy over the last three decades have profoundly changed the world, for better or worse.

But this recent story in The Washington Post about resurgence in the use of typewriters suggests that maybe technological regression has some advantages over the continual invention of new, but possibly unnecessary and problematic, “stuff.”

To better understand that premise, view this video that accompanies the Post piece.

So are you a “Utopian” or a “Dystopian” when it comes to deciding whether to acquire or turn away from the wonderful products that will be showcased at this year’s CES?

Whichever philosophical “shoe” fits you, I encourage you to be a “determinist” when it comes to to deciding what to take along with you on vacation, particularly if you traveling by air and are must find a way to stuff all that “techno-stuff” into a “legal-sized” carry-on bag.

(January 5, 2015 Update: For more on this year’s CES, read this story in today’s San Francisco Chronicle.)

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