Travel Photo Thursday: Yosemite at Christmas

Travel Photo Thursday: Yosemite at Christmas

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Snow falling in the Sierra Nevada mountains brings to mind a trip to Yosemite National Park on a Christmas past.


If you are lucky, as I was on this visit to California’s most famous national park, the highways will be free of snow, but the mountains and meadows will be dusted with a light coat of what it takes to have a “White Christmas.”

You can build a snowman (or at least pose next to one that another park visitor thoughtfully created for you).

Dick and The Snowman

You can skate on thick ice at a rink while admiring snow-tinged Half Dome.

Ice Rink 3

Bracebridge Christmas Tree

Or you can dress up in your fancy duds and be among the “swells” attending the fabulous Bracebridge Dinner at the upscale Ahwahnee Hotel.

(Delaware North Photo)

Yosemite in Winter. A time when time slows down.

(Read more about visiting Yosemite National Park during the off-season before and after the arrival of summer visitors.)

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  1. Visiting Yosemite in the winter months is always a great experience! I haven’t been in a few years (which is sad since I live in California), but it’s such a majestic scene when decked out in white.

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