Travel Photo Thursday: Move Back to the SLR?

Travel Photo Thursday: Move Back to the SLR?

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Nearly two years ago in “Travel Photo Thursday: Junk Your Camera!” I suggested that most leisure travelers could ditch their stand-alone digital point-and-shoot or DSLR cameras and simply use their smartphones to take trip photos.

And since I wrote that story camera sales have dropped rather dramatically.

But sales of point-and-shoot cameras appear to have taken the biggest hit, while those of the higher-end DSLR models may be increasing. Or depending on which information source you turn to, maybe the DSLR is facing “doom” as well.

And that “doom” is something Nikon is trying to avert with a new advertising campaign aimed at convincing those members of “GenX/Y/Z” (is there a “Gen Z” yet?) that seem to have been born with smartphones as permanent appendages to their hands to “move up” (or back) to using bigger, heavier, but perhaps more functional, DSLRs.


When I came out of the womb way back in The Last Century the only telephones people had were “immobile,” sitting heavily on a desk or table, or attached to a wall. And none of them, of course, were capable of taking pictures.

Many families had at least one “box” camera, often a Kodak Brownie.

When I was about 15 years old I received a Konica 35mm rangefinder camera as a gift. A half-dozen or so years later I purchased a Canon single-lens reflex (SLR) and several years after that acquired a similar camera made by Nikon.

These were all film cameras, of course.

Eventually, I tired of lugging around a large bag full of cameras, lenses, accessories and film, and switched to point-and-shoot film cameras.

During the last half-dozen years-plus, I’ve purchased three digital point-and-shoot cameras but have continued to shy away from buying a DSLR even though, as a travel writer, I might be able to capture “better” images with one.

And like those end-of-the-alphabet-soup “Gen” members, I do shoot photos, especially panoramic photos, with my iPhone. In fact, I just took a class that covered a slew of photography apps for Apple mobile devices.

Will I ever go back to using an SLR, even if the digital versions become lighter, cheaper, and more powerful?

Probably not.

But if you want to track the stories of seven people to whom Nikon has given its D750 DSLR, urging them to use it rather than their smarphones to shoot photos, visit “I Am Generation Image.”

And if Nikon has worked its magic on you, you can buy a D750 and optional accessories or other DSLR models from Nikon or other manufacturers and unlike me, leave your smartphone in your pocket.


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