Travel Photo Thursday: All Hail The Queen!

Travel Photo Thursday: All Hail The Queen!

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The Queen Mary made her maiden voyage from Southampton, England to New York in May of 1936. Her final summer of service was in 1967.

Queen Mary Ship Inlay DSC04474

The days of sailing the seas aboard this majestic ocean liner may have come and gone, but you can still enjoy the elegance of those long-past days of transoceanic travel, dock-side, in Long Beach, where she arrived in December of 1967.

I had a chance to tour the ship earlier this year with her Commodore, Everette Hoard.

Queen Mary Commodore DSC04458

Passengers dining in the First Class Restaurant could watch the ship’s progress on a map of the North Atlantic.

Queen Mary North Atlantic Map DSC04514

There are several restaurants on the Queen Mary, including one, “Sir Winston’s,” named after one of the vessel’s most famous passengers, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, where by ordering dishes such as Beef Wellington, you can take a nostalgic culinary journey back to the time when the ship last sailed.

Queen Mary Winstons Dinner IMG_2500

The Queen Mary sailed across the Atlantic one-thousand-and-one times. The spit on polish on the engine room telegraph on the bridge makes you think that the ship is ready to put to sea yet another time.

Queen Mary Bridge DSC04494

Today the Queen Mary is going nowhere fast. But that means that you can stay in a floating hotel room without getting seasick, and look out the porthole and plan your next shore-side excursion in Long Beach.

Queen Mary City Porthole View DSC04503

(Tales Told From The Road publisher, Dick Jordan, toured the Queen Mary and dined in Sir Winston’s as a guest of the Long Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau. Click here for more information on planning your tour or stay aboard the ship.)

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