Faroe Islands: Far From The Madding Crowds

Faroe Islands: Far From The Madding Crowds

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In August, I took you on a month-long virtual journey across Europe, stopping at major cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin, London and Prague.

You can experience European urban life in wondrous ways in each of them.

Police At the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

But they are densely populated, and the physical and emotional stimulation of being out and about in them can be intense.

(Stig Nygaard Flickr Photo)
(Stig Nygaard Flickr Photo)

You’re not going to feel that way if you head to the Faroe Islands, northwest of Scotland, halfway between Iceland and Norway.

A population of less than 50,000 souls is spread out over eighteen dots in the sea.

(Arne List Flickr Photo)
(Arne List Flickr Photo)

In summer, when you’ll likely wish to go in order to catch festivals, concerts, and participate in hiking and other activities, the average temperature is about 12º Celsius (54º Fahrenheit), a bit on the chilly side, but about the same as I encountered most days during a June, 2008 trip to Southeast Alaska.

So to “dress for success” during your stay, you should follow this advice from FaroeIslands.com:

“Unique to the Faroe Islands is the chance to experience several seasons weather in the space of a short time, therefore it is always wise to be prepared for the unexpected.

“A waterproof rain jacket is highly recom­mended and a warm sweater, as well as a warm hat, especially when voyaging out to sea. An extra sweater might prove handy for mountaintops.

“Rubber boots or waterproof hiking boots are a must along the trails in the mountains.

“Dress­ing in layers is always the best option.

“Sun­glasses and bin­oculars might prove useful. Sunglasses and a good sun­screen to shield against the bright sun when it bursts through the clouds and bin­oculars to enjoy the splendid vistas and rich bird life.”

Here’s some “eye candy” that will tempt you to plan a trip to this unique place in the Gulf Stream.

You can get to the Faroe Islands from Iceland and Denmark by ship and car ferry, and fly there on Atlantic Airways.

For more information, see FaroeIslands.com, or read this tourist guide.

Still uncertain about going? VJ Singh’s story, Far, Far(oe) Away, produced with the Storehouse app for iPad/iPhone, will inspire you to visit these green, green islands.

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