Travel Photo Thursday: Take Me Out to The Ball Game

Travel Photo Thursday: Take Me Out to The Ball Game

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It’s the time of year when leaves are changing color and Americans are getting ready to carve Halloween Pumpkins.

And that means that, like Reggie Jackson, I’m “Mr. October.” No, you won’t see me slugging homers over the fence during the World Series, but after largely ignoring what was happening during the 162-game regular season, you will find me sitting in front of the TV paying attention to major league baseball for the first time in 2014.

Batter Up!

Of course this year I’m really into the Series since the San Francisco Giants who play about 20-odd miles down from my home are hoping to win the league championship for the third time since 2010.

I’ve seen the Giants at their home field, San Francisco’s AT&T Park, and taken a “behind-the-scenes” tour of it, but here are some photos of other major league baseball parks that I’ve visited.

While I haven’t seen the Royals, the American League team in this year’s World Series, play in Kansas City, I did catch one of their Cactus League games at Surprise Stadium, on the west side of the Phoenix area.

Dual Home Team Pennants

Compared to the big-city ballparks, Surprise Stadium is small, “user-friendly,” and game tickets are very reasonably priced.

Surprise Stadium

You can see the action quite well from any seat, and while the Phoenix weather can be hotter than blue blazes in summer, during Spring Training it’s very pleasant.

A Big Swing At The Plate

One of the oldest grandest ballparks in the U.S. is Chicago’s Wrigley Field.

Wrigley Field Sign

I saw the Cubs play there in 2007, 46 years after I had attended a game of Chicago’s other baseball team, the White Sox.

One of the amazing things about Wrigley Field is that people watch the game from bleachers outside of the park. Originally, folks living across the street just hung out of windows or went up the to roof to catch the action on the field. Then corporations began buying up the buildings and holding roof-top parties to entertain clients while the Cubs batted and battled away.

Out of Park Bleachers

The Cubs organization, unhappy about those “cheap seats,” erected screens atop the left and right field walls that blocked the view into the park, refusing to take them down until the building owners ponied up bucks to view the games.

Alas, the team not only isn’t in the World Series this year, but it hasn’t won the fall classic since doing so with back-to-back championships in 1907 and 1908. But the Cubs’ faithful fan still dutifully fill the seats inside Wrigley, year in and year out, singing this little ditty in hopes that their major league heroes will win it all once again.


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One Reply to “Travel Photo Thursday: Take Me Out to The Ball Game”

  1. That’s so interesting about Wrigley Field and the seats outside the stadium. I’ll have to admit that I am not much of a baseball fan. Growing up in Houston, all the games I attended were inside the Astrodome, so I am quite unfamiliar with outside games.

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