You Be The Movie Critic

You Be The Movie Critic

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Professional critics who are paid to write movie reviews see far more films that most of us could bear to watch.

For us, going to the movies is fun. For them, it’s work, work, work.

Last week, I got to be a “movie critic” of sorts.

I saw 15 films.

In a single night.

Actually, make that in about an hour and a half.

Today, I’m going to ask you to not only be a “critic,” but also to hand out your own personal “awards” for “Best Movie(s).”

Movie-Reel_thumb.jpgI’m going to make the task simple for you.

You only have to watch four “shorts,” each around 3-4 minutes long, then rank them “Win,” “Show,” “Place,” and “Out of The Money,” as though they had been in a horse race instead of a film competition.

All four were screened at this year’s Mill Valley Film Festival. All were shot in “4k” or “Ultrahigh definition”, so tap on the little “gear” icon in the player and select the highest number that will allow the video to play over your computer without herky-jerky motion caused by a slow Internet connection. To appreciate the “4K” resolution, play the films full-screen on your computer or mobile device.

Grab some popcorn and a beverage, dim the lights, and press “Play.”

Here they are.


While “Madsteez” focuses more on a person, this next film probably could only have been filmed in this specific place.


Whoa! Was your heart going ka-thump, ka-thump to the action and music in “Jam Qwest”? You should enjoy this next “dance number.”


The close-up shots in “The Lion” demonstrate the ability of “4K” to bring out small details that might not be noticeable in movies recorded in lower resolution.
Last, but not least, this film honors both an landscape photographer and the unique landscape which he renders into his memorable images.


To find out which of these films won awards at the Mill Valley Film Festival, and which was my favorite, post a comment to this story that ranks the films “Win,” “Show,” “Place,” and “Out of The Money.”

Be sure to include your e-mail address in your comment so you’ll find out when I give out that information next Wednesday.

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