Seeing Amsterdam Without A Car

Seeing Amsterdam Without A Car

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(Join Tales Told From The Road resumes its month-long virtual European journey.)

Our next stop is Amsterdam. We could drive there from the Alsace, and plenty of cars roll along the city streets, but we won’t need a car to tour the place.

We could leave our rental car less than an hour up the road in Strasbourg, but we’re going to head back across the Rhine to Baden-Baden and return our car there to avoid a steep drop-off fee. We’ll have an afternoon free to stroll about the town, and after a one-night stay, we’ll travel by rail to Frankfurt where we’ll change to a train headed to the Netherlands.

As in all of the cities and towns that we’ve visited in Europe during our trip, our boots will carry us across Amsterdam. And if we get foot-weary at the end of the day, we can hop on a tram and be back at our hotel in short order.

Trams on Leidsestraat Amsterdam)

One place our feet will be sure to take us is the home of Anne Frank, the young Jewish girl whose hid from the invading Germans for two years before being transported to a Nazi concentration camp. Her story would become known world-wide after her diary was published two years after the end of the war and was later told on the stage and screen.

Anne Frank House on The Prinsengracht Canal (Amsterdam)

From the outside, the Anne Frank House looks very ordinary. But the heartbreaking story of the Frank family’s sequestration and ultimate capture and deportation by the Germans will unfold as we tour the museum devoted to Anne Frank’s memory.

Street Collage

Back outside, we’ll continue our walking tour while tourists and residents pass by us on bicycles.

Three Bike Collage

Virtually everyone who lives in Amsterdam owns at least one bike. We’ll see them in large racks near train stations, or “parked” on bridges.

Two Bike Collage

Like Venice, Italy, Amsterdam is a city crisscrossed by canals whose waters are plied by wide variety of craft.

Boat Collage

Public spaces are important to maintaining sanity in densely populated cities like Amsterdam.

Public Square Collage

But we’ll take a 20-minute train ride over the sleepy little town of Haarlem for a quick Sunday “getaway” from the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam.

Haarlem Collage

Tomorrow: Off to Market!

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