Berlin: In The West

Berlin: In The West

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After yesterday’s excursion into what was once the Communist East Berlin, we’ll tour the western side of the German capital.

Heading down Kurfürstendamm (aka “Ku’damm”) brings us to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. Unlike the Frauenkirche in Dresden whose World War II bomb damage has been repaired, the KWM Church has been deliberately left in its wrecked state.

Bombed Out Ruins, Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, Berlin

But a beautiful mosaic ceiling is still intact, and a modern church was built next to the original, with a courtyard in between where we’ll encounter a vendor selling dried fruit.

KWM Church Collage

While “East Berlin” has a decidedly mid-20th century feel, sculpture and street art along the Ku’damm shows that “West Berlin” clearly belongs to the post-millennium era.

Kudamm Street Scuplture Collage

You can shop for clothes and a variety of other goods at the KaDeWe department store. But what will really catch you eye here is food “to go” in the store’s gourmet culinary department, or to eat in its restaurants.

KaDeWe Collage

It may not all be happening at the zoo in Berlin, but just as in other cities around the globe, hanging out with animals hanging out with other members of their species is one way to spend an afternoon on that city’s west side.

Zoo Collage

And while East German female Olympic athletes reportedly had a competitive edge due to the use of steroids, none were likely to have undergone an at-home DIY face-lift using Botox bought at a Berlin store on the way home from the gym.

Self-Administered Face Lift, West Berlin

Alas, Berlin is a large, sprawling city, with lots to see and do. Here are some things we might do and places we might visit on our next trip, thanks to recommendations from a “local”:

Tomorrow: South to Munich

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