Join Me on My “European Holiday”!

Join Me on My “European Holiday”!

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Clock-Tower-at-Westminster.jpgThe clock is ticking down and two days from now, on Friday, August 1st, many European workers are going to be off the job.

That’s not because they are going on strike. They’ll be going on what the British call “holiday.”

Americans, of course, call that break from work “vacation.” And while many of us will indeed be “on vacation” in August, unlike our counterparts in at least some Continental countries, we’re not likely to take off the entire month.

From time to time I complain to my fellow citizens of the-good-old-U-S-of-A that if the Italians had landed at Plymouth Rock instead of those dour, Puritan-work-ethic-obsessed Pilgrims, we, too, would be enjoying one-third of the summer at the beach, in the mountains, or fishing from a dock on a bay or lake somewhere, far from the madding crowd of customers, co-workers and bosses.

So although (as far as I know, and at least at this moment), I have no plans to spend August in Europe, as a publisher and writer, I plan to take a “European holiday” of sorts, and take you along with me.

Here’s the plan.

Instead me writing and you seeing the usual Tales Told From The Road weekly stories the focus on News (Mondays), Destinations (Tuesdays), Books/Movies/Essays (Wednesdays), Photography (Thursdays) and Apps/Technology/Gear/Travel Tips (Fridays), in August we’re going on a month-long virtual journey across Europe.

In yesterday’s “Becoming A European ‘Road Foodie’” I gave you a “taste” of what you’ll see as we visit places on our own “Grand Tour” of Europe.

(Chateau Chenonceau, Loire Valley, France)
(Chateau Chenonceau, Loire Valley, France)

It will give those of us who have been to the Continent a chance to remember our favorite places, and those who have yet to venture there a chance to see what it is about Europe that seems the same as back home and what seems far different from our own familiar patch on Planet Earth.

Europe’s “high season” will be winding down when our “trip” is over at the end of August. But Fall is a great time to visit the Continent which is, more or less, a year-round destination, and airfares and hotel rates will soon see a seasonal ebb, so from November through March a you can save money while savoring much of what Europe has to offer travelers.

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