A Monument to “Selfies”

A Monument to “Selfies”

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Pocketbooth-14-07-15-16-58-52A “selfie” is a photo one takes of one’s self. Back in the days of film cameras, we put a camera on a tripod or balanced it on a level surface, and then rushed to strike a pose before camera’s built-in timer had counted down 10 seconds, engaged the shutter, and captured our self-portrait.

Today, shooting a “selfie” is much easier. Just hold your cellphone at arm’s length, smile, shoot, and share the photo on social media or via e-mail or text message.

You can even use a smartphone app like “Pocketbooth” to create a “filmstrip” series “selfies” just like the ones people used to do in a real photo booth at places like county fairs.

Usually Tales Told From The Road’s “Travel Photo Thursdays” features my own photos. But once in a while, I come across work by a photographer that is so extraordinary that I feel compelled to share it with you.

And so today you are going to be treated to a monumental group of “selfies” from a street artist and photographer known simply as “JR.”

“JR” collected 4,160 “selfies” from online sources and while driving around France in a mobile “studio.” Then he stuck them all over the Panthéon in Paris.

You can see the collection in Au Panthéon, created by with the Storehouse iPad app by Olivier Laurent, Editor of TIME LightBox.

(Download the free Storehouse app for iPad and create your own visual essays.)

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