Month: June 2014

Online Restaurant and Ride Booking: What’s It Worth?

Online Restaurant and Ride Booking: What’s It Worth?

Usually stories about technology run on Tales Told From The Road on Fridays, such as how to use an app, how to use a Website, how to use a piece of gear, or how to use technology for travel.

(Kate Ter Haar Flickr Photo)

But today’s piece offers something different: Commentary and what restaurant booking service, Open Table, and car service, Uber, are worth both to consumers and those who buy and own those services.

So it’s “Opinion,” not a “Tech Review,” and our “Editorial Calendar” says it should appear today, a Wednesday.

I can tell you what OpenTable and Uber are worth to me. And from that, you can extrapolate what they are worth to you and others.

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Travel Photo Thursday: Lassen, A Hidden Gem of a Park

Travel Photo Thursday: Lassen, A Hidden Gem of a Park

While growing up in Seattle, I made my first visit to a national park: Mount Rainier.

Mt Rainier
(Jeff Flickr Photo)

In winter, we’d go sledding by the Paradise Inn.

During one summer after college was out for the year, I climbed part way up the mountain from Paradise with a fraternity brother and we skied back down to the Inn. I wore shorts, and ended up with a snow-reflected sunburn so bad that for years you could see the “tan line” that marked the top of my ski boots.

Then I came to California and went off to my second national park, Yosemite.

Yosemite Valley

But the third such one that I visited, Lassen, remains my favorite of all of the national parks in the Western U.S. that I’ve been to over the last 40-odd years.

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The “Golden Age” of Air Travel Has Flown Away

The “Golden Age” of Air Travel Has Flown Away

Air travel.

Today we love to hate it.

But there was a time, still clear in the memory of living Americans, when flying was fun, glamorous, and the the way to travel.

Boeing 707The plane that changed the travel game for all of us, even those of quite modest means, was envisioned and constructed by a company based in my hometown, Seattle.

As a kid, I watched Boeing pilots take that four-engine beauty on test flights over the city.

But over a decade would go by before I found myself seated aboard one.

Ah, the Boeing 707, what a plane it was.

Don’t we wish U.S. airlines still had it up in the air.

If you were born on or after Halloween of 1983, you never had a chance to experience what it was like to ride aloft in a 707 operated by a American domestic carrier.

But both those who, like me, are old enough to remember that “magic carpet” airliner, and those who never set foot aboard one, have a chance to see what it was like “back in the day” when the 707 made “friendly skies” a reality.

Here’s how.

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