Travel Photo Thursday: Sea Lion Hangouts

Travel Photo Thursday: Sea Lion Hangouts

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Our story “Seeing Seals Saved By The Seashore” described how The Marine Mammal Center near Sausalito, California rescues, rehabilitates, and releases marine mammals back into their wild ocean environment.

And “Travel Photo Thursday: Seeing Seals by The Seashore” focused on hiking to places within Point Reyes National Seashore where one species of marine mammal, the elephant seal, can easily be spotted during springtime.

Today, we take a close-up and personal look at where the California Sea Lion population along Monterey Bay likes to hang out.

You might find a solitary sea lion lounging by itself, haughtily posing, nose in the air.

Sea Lion 1 IMG_2337

But you are more likely to find these highly social animals gathered in groups.

Sea Lion Triad IMG_2327

What is it about boats and sea lions? I don’t know, but they do seem to like to congregate in marinas. Perhaps they think vessels, like the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Hawksbill tied up at the Coast Guard Pier in Monterey, is just a larger version of themselves. Or maybe they feel an affinity to we, the land-based mammals that pilot and crew boats on bays and oceans.

Hawksbill Sea Lions IMG_2331

There’s just one problem with these dock-loving creatures: If you decide to spend a day cruising on Monterey Bay aboard your boat, when you return to the harbor you may discover that they’ve taken over your parking spot, as here at Moss Landing.

(These photos were taken by Tales Told From The Road publisher, Dick Jordan, during complimentary outings on Monterey Bay skippered by naturalist Kate Spencer of Fast Raft and Captain Yohn Gideon of Elkhorn Slough Safari that were arranged for him and other travel writers by the Monterey County Convention & Visitors Bureau.)

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