Month: May 2014

Chromebook vs. iPad: Which is Best for Travel?

Chromebook vs. iPad: Which is Best for Travel?

Next week my wife is headed off to Arizona on a 10-day trip. She’s plans to take her 15” MacBook Pro with her so she can stay connected with the “outside world,” so she borrowed a laptop roll-aboard bag from a friend.

As you read this story (which I wrote on my desktop computer before leaving home), I’m in Long Beach, California, 400-odd miles south of where I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. And I’ve done what my wife plans to do: Taken a computer with me.

My “travel computer” is an iPad with Retina Display which easily slips into my carry-on bag, along with camera equipment, toiletries, and other stuff, and just as easily slips out and back into the bag when I go through airport security checkpoints.

The iPad fits nicely on an airliner tray table and quickly connects to the Internet over WiFi hotspots in airports, hotels, coffee shops and nowadays, aboard commercial airliners.

I’ve got Apple’s “Pages” program which lets me edit documents created in Microsoft Word, or create new documents that can be saved in Word format.

I’ve got almost every program installed in the iPad that I would use on a bulkier, heavier, more expensive Apple or Windows laptop computer.

But would I be better off toting along a Google Chromebook when I travel?

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Travel Photo Thursday: Yellow-Bellied Varmints

Travel Photo Thursday: Yellow-Bellied Varmints

“Go ahead, make my day.

“See what happens if you bite that radiator hose.

“Just try gnawing on my car’s wiring.

“Go ahead, make my day, you yellow-bellied varmint!”

Those lines could have been spoken by Clint Eastwood if he had starred in a movie filmed in a Western U.S national park, playing a character mashed up from his roles as the “Man with No Name” in “spaghetti Westerns” and as “Dirty” Harry Callahan, the San Francisco police inspector who frequently “blew away” crime suspects with a Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum revolver.

But In that situation, the “perp” Eastwood would have been taunting into squirrely behavior would have been a Yellow-Bellied Marmot, not a two-legged bad guy.

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“Southeast” – A Cinematic Essay

“Southeast” – A Cinematic Essay

Southeast Alaska is one of the most remote places where one could live in the United States.

Approaching "Cake" (Kake) On "Taku"

No roads connect its few towns, which are scattered wide apart over 35,000 square miles of mountains, forests, glaciers and sea.

Should you move there to permanently live, or merely pay it a brief visit on vacation?

That’s the question posed by following short film which I produced and which aired last month on local TV in Marin County, just north of San Francisco.

(For more about visiting the Alaska Panhandle, read our ‘Destination: Southeast Alaska” story.)

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