On “The Road to Travel Writing”

On “The Road to Travel Writing”

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(Last August, Tales Told From The Road publisher, Dick Jordan, was one of the guests on the travel show, “This Week in Travel.” This past Sunday he made a repeat appearance on the show, this time as it was broadcast via live streaming video as a Google+ Hangout on Air.)

How does one became a “travel writer”? And what does what get out of that seemingly glamorous “career”? Fame? Fortune? Free travel?


To find out, view the discussion on that topic, travel news, and travel apps (featuring “The App Curmudgeon”) between Dick and the show’s three co-hosts, Chris Christensen (“The Amateur Traveler”), Jen Leo (“Web Buzz” columnist for the Los Angeles Times), and the always-on-the-road-to-somewhere Gary Ardnt (Everything Everywhere) who has won three prestigious travel photography awards during the past year.

(No time to watch the video? Not a problem. Listen to the audio podcast of this episode of “This Week in Travel” with Dick Jordan or, better yet, download the $1.99 “This Week in Travel”  iPhone/iPad app or subscribe to the free “This Week in Travel” podcasts so you can listen to any episode of the show while you’re “on the road” or just on-the-go at home.)

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