Month: March 2014

“The Grand Budapest Hotel”

“The Grand Budapest Hotel”

What could be more fun than staying in an imaginary hotel in a real country?

How about staying in an imaginary hotel in a country that doesn’t exist?

In The Most Exotic Marigold Hotel, a group of Brits fed up with their life at home in the U.K., financially strapped, or left to live on their own, individually decide to chuck it all and retire on the cheap to a former colony: India.

There isn’t any “Grand Budapest Hotel” in Budapest, Hungary. In The Grand Budapest Hotel movie which was released last week, the imaginary Eastern European hotel of that name is located in the fictitious Republic of Zubrowka. Ralph Fiennes plays the hotel’s concierge. He is accused of murdering “Madame D,” but escapes from prison with the aide of the hotel’s lobby boy, “Zero.”


Here’s the film’s official trailer.

The Grand Budapest Hotel looks so nutty that I wonder if it’s based on some long-lost, never-before-filmed script by the Marx Brothers. Give Fiennes, and I’d swear that he’s Groucho himself. And Glenn Kenny, writing for, said that “the action is often grisly slapstick.”

Here’s the review by Kenneth Turn of the Los Angeles Times.

Alas, neither you nor I can stay at “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” Even if it had once existed, getting a room there could be difficult these days. But at least you can book an hour and half “cinematic stay” there when the movie plays in a theater near you.

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“Non-Stop”: Thank God I’m Not On It!

“Non-Stop”: Thank God I’m Not On It!

Do any of we passengers really enjoy flying on a commercial airliner today?

Cramped seats, no food, no frills, no fun!

But absent a flight cancellation, at least we are likely to reach our final destination.


Non Stop

That is, unless we’re on-board this non-stop New York-to-London flight during which someone, including a federal air marshal, a flight attendant, or the passenger in seat 24E, may start killing someone else every twenty minutes.

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