Travel Photo Thursday: Going to Church

Travel Photo Thursday: Going to Church

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St Michaels Dome and TowerNo matter where you travel, there’s usually one type of building that you’re likely to encounter: A church.

Some churches are immense and ornate. Others are small and simply decorated.

Some are open to all to enter. Others are closed unless a service is taking place.

Here are a few that I’ve run across during my travels.

Saint Michael The Archangel Cathedral in Sitka (photo above) was built in the mid-19th century in Sitka, Alaska. It burned the ground in 1966, but has been rebuilt. It is run by the Diocese of Alaska of the Orthodox Church. It represents the Russian influence in Alaska, although services are held in English with many hymns and responses sung in Tlingit, Aleut, Yupik and Slavonic.

Frauenkirche and Neumarkt Square IMG_2000

Dresden’s Baroque-style Frauenkirche was constructed between 1726 and 1743. IT was severely damaged when the city was bombed by Allied Forces during World War II. Reconstruction began in 1993 and last about 10 years. A statute of Martin Luther stands in the wide plaza surrounding the church.

Ka'ahumanu Church, Wailuku Although it looks as though it is set in New England, the Ka’ahumanu Church is in Wailuku on the Hawaiian island of Maui. It was built in 1876 and named after Queen Ka’ahumanu, one of the wives of Hawaiian King Kamehameha.

Stained Glass in Chapel of Notre-Dame de Grace at Honfleur

Although a church’s façade may be based on a humble design, stained glass windows, like this one in Chapel Notre-Dame de Grace at Honfleur, France, can make the interior as elegant as that of any cathedral.

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8 Replies to “Travel Photo Thursday: Going to Church”

  1. Hi Dick, these are beautiful photos of the churches. I like the variety of their architectural style. It’s true that the churches always stand out whenever I travel that my camera naturally navigates toward them.

  2. Ornate or simple in design, churches are fascinating to look at and photograph, Dick. These beautiful shots are the closest I’ll get to church today (Sunday).

  3. I like the spectrum of churches you show. The ornate architecture of the one in Dresden is my favorite. Yes, I did think that Hawaiian one was in New England before I read your description. It makes me think of old photos of the royal Hawaiians dressed in Western clothes instead of traditional local outfits.

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