“Non-Stop”: Thank God I’m Not On It!

“Non-Stop”: Thank God I’m Not On It!

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Do any of we passengers really enjoy flying on a commercial airliner today?

Cramped seats, no food, no frills, no fun!

But absent a flight cancellation, at least we are likely to reach our final destination.


Non Stop

That is, unless we’re on-board this non-stop New York-to-London flight during which someone, including a federal air marshal, a flight attendant, or the passenger in seat 24E, may start killing someone else every twenty minutes.

Non-Stop, the latest in a long line of up-in-the-airplane action/thriller flicks, opened last Friday. It stars Liam Neeson as an alcoholic air marshal who just might be the person whose three-per-minute killing spree will take off unless $150 million is paid to prevent the in-flight carnage.

Here’s the movie’s official trailer.


The suspense comes from trying to figure out who is the “Bad Guy”? Or maybe it’s “Bad Girl.”

Movie goers will be aghast when they see that Michelle Dockery has been reduced from her status as an aristocrat (“Lady Mary” in Downton Abbey) to that of flight attendant in Non-Stop. Maybe she needs the $150 million to keep Downton afloat—or since this is an airborne flick—aloft? After seeing her waited on hand-and-foot for four years in the blockbuster British period-piece, its difficult to visualize her in a new persona where she’s a servant.

Who will die? Who will live? And will you be experience emotional turbulence in your seatbelt-less theater seat as the action in Non-Stop flies across the screen in front of you?

I haven’t seen Non-Stop yet, but the reviews I’ve read have been so-so. Here’s what Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times thought of the movie.


The Observer called it “risible nonsense.” Susan Wloszczyna, writing for RobertEbert.com, labeled it “ridiculously entertaining.” Ian Buckwalter of NPR said that “Non-Stop is less a nonstop actioner and more a highflying whodunit.”

As with flying, when you go to the movies you pays your money and you takes your chances. Watching the film may be a satisfying experience, unless it’s a disaster of a movie, when sitting for two hours in a dentist’s chair would have been far less painful.

The good news about seeing Non-Stop in the theater: You won’t have to take off your shoes, jackets, and belts when entering, nor have photos of your nude body taken when you show your ticket.

The bad news with today’s no-frills film-going: Like on many commercial flights these days, there’s no reserved seating and you have to buy your own food and beverages.

Buckle up! Non-Stop is about to take off on an around-the-world trip to the movies, whether or not you choose to come aboard.

And perhaps Liam Neeson will deliver a demand to the villain in Non-Stop as memorable as that uttered by President Jack Ryan (played by Harrison Ford) to Ivan Korshunov (Gary Oldman) in Air Force One: “Get off my plane!”

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