Travel Photo Thursday: Seagulls by The Seashore

Travel Photo Thursday: Seagulls by The Seashore

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That’s probably the number of “seagulls” that I’ve seen during my lifetime.

(Paulo Fassina Flickr Photo)

What’s the easiest way to lure one into range for a “photo op”?

Put human food within their reach.

Gulls will calmly wait for a chance to pounce on your victuals. So don’t leave your picnic table unattended, and bring a baseball bat with you if you’ll be dining al fresco at a seaside restaurant.

But is there a way to make an interesting image our of an otherwise mundane “seagull” photo?

I gave it my best shot altering the above shot taken at Bodega Bay, California, last weekend.

Black & White Birds

First, I took the only so-so color photo and converted it to black and white.

The birds stand out against the water better in this version, and the contrast between the white and gray parts of their bodies is more marked than in the original, color shot.

Artistic Cutouts

Adobe Photoshop Elements has a number of “artistic” filters that you can use to turn straightforward shots into “works of art.” I used the “Cutout” filter to create this “painting” version of “Seagulls by The Seashore.”

“Pink Flamingo” Gulls

Flamingoes—both the wild bird and the plastic yard decoration varieties—are pink.

So I decided to turn my white and gray gulls into deep flamingo-hued ones.

(Click on an image to enlarge to full-size.Visit Budget Travelers Sandbox for more of this week’s Travel Photo Thursday shots.)


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