Travel Photo Thursday: I “Heart” San Francisco

Travel Photo Thursday: I “Heart” San Francisco

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Tony Bennett isn’t the only one who left his heart in San Francisco.

Valentines Day Girl
(Kurt Clark Flickr Photo)

Countless millions have done so, especially on Valentine’s Day.

In 2009 I attended the Travel Writers & Photographers Conference, probably the top event of its kind in the U.S., held each August at the Book Passage bookstore in Corte Madera, California. On the day before the conference kicked off, I joined other attendees on a “photo shoot” in San Francisco led by conference faulty members and professional photographers, Robert Holmes and Andrea Johnson.

We rode the ferry from its landing near the bookstore into San Francisco where we set out to take photos in the city’s North Beach District before and after a group lunch at a Chinese restaurant.

Some of us walked the city streets together, others of us made our own way to lunch, shooting photos as we went.

Woman with Heart Sculpture IMG_1179

By an office building near San Francisco’s Ferry building, I came across this unsmiling woman in a red blouse sitting before a large heart-shaped sculpture. Perhaps she had been waiting patiently for her Valentine’s Day date who, by then, would have been almost six months overdue for their amorous appointment.

Along The Embarcadero

Cupid’s arrows can fell even those whose hearts have been hardened by love’s labor’s lost and unrequited love. No one is safe when he reaches into his quiver on Valentine’s Day and notches a feathered missile into a mighty bow like this giant one buried nose down in a grassy patch along San Francisco’s waterfront.

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