Travel Photo Thursday: “Head Shots”

Travel Photo Thursday: “Head Shots”

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Camera on Trip SilYou’ve shot a photo, but does it truly depict what you saw with your own eyes?

Well, that might depend on whether you left the image as it came out of the camera, or if you cropped it to cut out some of what appeared in the “full frame.”

Here are four different images, three of which were created by selectively cropping the original shot, the last photo that you will see in this series.

The first image appears to be a tightly cropped “crowd scene.”

You can see six heads, and part of two faces. Because the heads are so close together, you might assume that the photo was shot with a telephone lens mounted on a DSLR, or a point-and-shoot camera’s built-in lens zoomed-in “to the max.”

A Wig for Every Occasion, Albert Cuyp Markt (Amsterdam)

While the hair on those in the first image appears a natural brown to reddish brown, that of six of the eleven in the second image clearly appear to be vibrant salon dye-jobs.

But spiky, “Mohawk,” or “tie-dyed” hair-dos sported by teens and young adults aren’t unusual these days, so there isn’t an “unreal” quality to this version of the original photo.

A Wig for Every Occasion, Albert Cuyp Markt (Amsterdam)

As the saying goes, “Seeing is believing,” and what you’ve seen so far would lead you to believe you’ve been looking at real, although somewhat outlandish, coiffures.

But this next image may prompt you to make an appointment with your ophthalmologist to have your eyes checked to determine if you need a new prescription for glasses or contact lenses.

This time it’s not the hair, but the glassy-eyed gaze and zombie-like facial expressions of these three “people” that leave you scratching your head and asking: “Is it real, or is it L’Oreal?”

A Wig for Every Occasion, Albert Cuyp Markt (Amsterdam)

In the final, original, un-cropped image, you learn the truth: You’ll been looking at a “crowd” of mannequin heads “wearing” wigs that I discovered sitting on a table in Amsterdam’s Albert Cuyp Market.

Albert Cuyp Wigs IMG_4523

Seeing may be believing, but in the “Photoshop Era,” don’t believe everything you see.

(Click on an image to enlarge to full-size. Visit Budget Travelers Sandbox for more of this week’s Travel Photo Thursday shots.)

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9 Replies to “Travel Photo Thursday: “Head Shots””

  1. Very interesting and great lesson that the photographer only allows us to see what they want us to see. That first shot definitely looks like it was taken in a crowd.

  2. Oh, I am o old school that I have to admit I’ll never even have photo shop, my theory is, what you see, is what you get, so no alternations– good, bad or in between. A most interesting post, Dick!

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