Travel Photo Thursday: “Paradise Lost”

Travel Photo Thursday: “Paradise Lost”

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Paradise Lost (via A.D.Wheeler Photography)

I have lived in the Southern Tier of New York state for over 4 decades. There pretty much isn’t anything here that I haven’t seen or photographed. Or, so I thought. As most of you know, I am forever networking on Google+, Facebook, and other social…

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2 Replies to “Travel Photo Thursday: “Paradise Lost””

  1. Whoa! From where do you take these shots, Dick? Very much impressive! I saved one and using it as my laptop wallpaper 😀 Amazing work!

  2. What a story! I has hoping to get to the end and find the answer, but you left my curiosity at its peak.

    Who owns the place? Why were those cars abandoned? What happened to the house?

    Most likely someone inherited it and doesn’t even know about it. This is one of these mysteries I would really like to see solved.

    Please let me know if you ever find out about it.

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