Travel Photo Thursday: Getting “Smart” about Cameras

Travel Photo Thursday: Getting “Smart” about Cameras

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Nearly a year ago in “Travel Photo Thursday: Junk Your Camera!” I suggested that travelers might well iPhone 5 Camerathrow away their digital point-and-shoot or DSLR cameras in favor of using the cameras built into their smartphones.

A few months later, I did just the opposite: I bought a new Sony DSC-RX100 digital camera to replace my Canon Elph which I’d used for the past four years.

And while I do occasionally shoot still photos with my iPhone 5, I normally use it only for recording video.

But here’s a guy who proves that the iPhone (in his case, the iPhone 4) with an array of photography apps installed on it can work wonders with “street photography.”

This video shows photographer Gavin Harrison shooting on the streets of London.


To learn more about Harrison, read this story in Engadget.

Harrison isn’t the first person to learn that cellphone cameras are capable of producing memorable images. Finding himself without his Nikon, actor Joel Grey (Cabaret and other films) pulled out his phone, started shooting, and eventually published 1:3: Images from My Phone,  a book of cellphone-only photos.


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