Travel Photo Thursday: Secrets of “Street” Photography

Travel Photo Thursday: Secrets of “Street” Photography

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Fast Food IMG_4594In “Travel Photo Thursday: If You’re Not Fast, You’re Food” I stressed the importance of always having your camera “at the ready” when you’re walking busy city streets so you don’t miss the opportunity to capture a great image.

In other TPT stories, I’ve explained why it’s important to have people in your travel photos and how to “scale” your shots by having people in them.

But how should you approach your human subjects before you press the shutter button? And how should you set up your camera in order to get just the right shot at just the right moment?

Follow professional photographer Antonio Zazueta Olmos as he walks the streets of London and learn his secrets of “street” photography in this video.

You can read more about Olmos in this story published by Engadget.

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