Travel Photo Thursday: “Moving” Instagram Photos

Travel Photo Thursday: “Moving” Instagram Photos

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The Instagram photo shoot-and-share app has become immensely popular with amateur and professional photographers.

Sunset and National Geographic magazines use it. Tales Told From The Road does, too.

And back in June, Instagram added the ability to shoot and share 3 to 15 second video clips, the longest of which could be two-and-half times as long as a 6-second Vine video.

But Thomas Jullien has come up with an imaginative, new way to make Instagram still photos move, and move the viewer.

Jullien assembled 852 different Instagram photos posted by 852 different Instagram users into this one-minute, forty-six second long video entitled An Instagram short film.

With it throbbing “soundtrack” of “ Gold on The Ceiling” by the band “The Black Keys,” Jullien’s moving looks like it is a series of time-lapse videos spliced together.

An Instagram short film has garnered over two hundred comments on, where it is hosted, and it’s been mentioned by a number of Websites besides Tales Told From The Road, including The Verge, Time, and The Huffington Post.

So if you think Instagram is just another Ho-Hum-Why-Bother-With-It-Facebook-Owns-It-So-I-Should-Ignore-It social media site, think again, and think about how you can use it in a manner as creative as Thomas Jullien has.

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