Upcoming Changes in the Air Travel Experience

Upcoming Changes in the Air Travel Experience

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Is inflight Wi-Fi getting faster? Is inflight entertainment technology changing?

These are some of the questions addressed at the Airline Passenger Experience Association and International Flight Services Association Expo held in Anaheim California two weeks ago. One of the sponsoring organizations, APEX, said the event was attended by “nearly 3,400 airline and vendor representatives – movie distributors, inflight product developers, service providers and more…”

Seventy-four airlines from around the world participated in the show which “which featured world-class educational programming covering content trends, portable electronic devices, technologies that are transforming the passenger experience, the future of comfort and cabin ambiance, and advancements in catering options.”

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Co-hosts Chris Christensen (“Amateur Traveler“) and Jen Leo (“Jen Leo Deals“) spoke to these travel experts during a special live broadcast of the “This Week in Travel” podcast from the Expo:

You can hit the play button to listen to this insightful discussion, listen to it on your iPhone or iPad using the This Week in Travel app, or download the podcast at the “Amateur Traveler Website.”

(Tales Told From The Road publisher, Dick Jordan, was a guest on “This Week in Travel” during its live broadcast from San Francisco on August 25, 2013. Read our story from this past Monday, “A Tale of Two Airline ‘Image’ Campaigns,” to learn more  more about what airlines are doing to convince passengers that the air travel experience is improving.)

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