Travel Photo Thursday: National Geographic Photography at Age 125

Travel Photo Thursday: National Geographic Photography at Age 125

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(Dick Jordan is on the road shooting photographs and videos in Colorado. Look for them in future editions of “Travel Photo Thursday.)

Along with The New Yorker, National Geographic magazine (not its counterpart, National Geographic Traveler) is one of my favorite “travel magazines.”

And although the writing in NatGeo stories is always superlative, it is the magazine’s photos that set it apart from other travel publications.

National Geographic is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year. The October edition is “The Photography Issue,” featuring a slew of stories on the art and science to taking pictures.

Figuring prominently  on the fold-out cover of this month’s magazine is the haunting photo of young girl that everyone who has read National Geographic over the last three decades will recognize: “The Afghan Girl” who graced the cover of the June, 1985 issue.

NG Oct 2013
(National Geographic Cover, October, 2013)

But what may have been the most memorable cover of the magazine to do is not the only photograph worth seeing in the current issue, whether you view it in print or online.

In addition to a slew of photography-related stories, the online edition features a video entitled “The Power of Photography” in which “National Geographic photographers explain what drives them to get that next shot.”

If you always dreamed of being given a photo assignment from National Geographic, check out the magazine’s “About Your Shot” page to learn how to contribute your best photos to the NG community. Who knows, maybe like me, you’ll find your best shot on the cover of a National Geographic publication.

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2 Replies to “Travel Photo Thursday: National Geographic Photography at Age 125”

  1. Most of these photos are instant classics. I think the others become classics with time – which isn’t a bad thing, but newsworthiness changes as leaders and cultures change. But I guess that’s what makes photography so interesting!

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